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Become a hotnot  intern and explore the vivid possibilities to boost your experience, engagement and network  and get India onboard the fashion revolution.


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You know your crowd better than anyone, so you have the creative freedom to pitch our big idea and bring it to life. In return we have plenty of perks in store for you.

Grow Your Network
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Earn While You Enjoy
Get Prestigious Certificate
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Top 5% hot performers will be eligible to get a pre-placement offer.

Be the next hot intern!

At hotnot, we aim to provide a hands-on experience for you to find your passion, explore your range of talent and expand your professional network. With so many ways to contribute here, chances are good you’ll find a way to do what you love.

Creative Spirits

You are a creative mind who will coordinate with your crowd and bring ideas to reality.


You don’t only spot the right trends, you help set them and know how to get hotnot in on the action.


You understand the value of team spirit & know how to bring fashionable & inspiring people together.

Team players

You are gritty and positive to take control of the first and finest impression of hotnot on your campus.

Voice It - Own It - Earn It

Here's the crazy part - the only criterion we're looking for in our ideal candidate(s) is passion! Just show us your enthusiasm towards our vision in the application form.

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